Sunday, October 7, 2007


well i think the work will tell you itself why i wrote this!enjoy!


I love the way you look at me

Feels like the morning summer breeze

Blowing through my hair,

Making me feel simply at ease

I love the way you hold my hand

Takes me to a fantasy land

Where there is only you and me,

Protected, secured, and loved, it’s just so grand!

I love it when you whisper into my ears

And tell me that you love me,

Puts an end to all my fears

Like there hasn’t been a love like this for years!

I love it when you walk close beside me

Like there is no one around but only you and me

The world seems like our little dream land

With love in the air, peaceful, sound and free!

I love the way you smile

Makes you look divine

Like there can’t be anything better than this

Makes my heart so fragile

I just love everything about you

Everything seems so new

Moments like these very are few

Feelings like these occur when I am with you

And these are special because

I am truly in love with you

-Priyanka Dutt