Sunday, October 7, 2007


well i think the work will tell you itself why i wrote this!enjoy!


I love the way you look at me

Feels like the morning summer breeze

Blowing through my hair,

Making me feel simply at ease

I love the way you hold my hand

Takes me to a fantasy land

Where there is only you and me,

Protected, secured, and loved, it’s just so grand!

I love it when you whisper into my ears

And tell me that you love me,

Puts an end to all my fears

Like there hasn’t been a love like this for years!

I love it when you walk close beside me

Like there is no one around but only you and me

The world seems like our little dream land

With love in the air, peaceful, sound and free!

I love the way you smile

Makes you look divine

Like there can’t be anything better than this

Makes my heart so fragile

I just love everything about you

Everything seems so new

Moments like these very are few

Feelings like these occur when I am with you

And these are special because

I am truly in love with you

-Priyanka Dutt


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally Found

a few days back i used to think i was really worthless,n untalented!till my best frnd knocked some sense back into my head n thanks to him i finally got to knw wat i am good at!so i wrote it down!here it goes:-

Underestimating my self was my biggest mistake

Forgetting my power which can make a change

Thinking so low of my self for others sake

Hiding my talent, never realizing what’s at stake

Never realized what I had in me

Looking for something frantically

Over looking what was in front of me

Like, searching for a tiny pearl in the big wide sea

It was there, but I had no clue of it

Others knew but never helped me out with it

Some gave signals and others, just a few hints

But I just remained unaware of it

But now I know that I was wrong

I see it now because my emotions are strong

Singing and dancing can be learnt if you want

But writing is something which is not done by all

It’s a power which can make a difference

It is a power which brings back sense

It is rare and not found in just everyone else

It is a power which is special and intense

Finally I found what I was looking for

Something which I can be really proud of

My vivid imagination has finally paid off

And now its time for others to know

What I am capable of!

-Priyanka Dutt


Monday, September 17, 2007

Poem of the Escapees

this is a poem which a classmate of mine n i have written!her name is trisha(she is also a writer n a better one!also a bit negative but good!)so we have written alternately!i start with from the first line n then the second line is hers n then mine n so on.........basically its more like a conversation between positive side n negative side!me positive,n trisha negative!enjoy!

life just goes on this way
but death is going to come anyway
dreams are turning into reality
and reality is something i hold close to me

love surrounds me from all the sides
so why do i feel so lonely on the inside
i found peace in the path i took
and still i turn back to give you one last look
things aren't that bad,the way you say
but they are still not great,like i really care
beauty lies everywhere i look
hatred isn't something i can overlook
right takes over all the wrong you did
the might of the sword and the gun blow off the lid
but i hope you know there's day day after night
there's no peace,no truce and still i fight
darkness isn't everywhere;it just exists in your head
and in iraq and bengal,remember the things i said
but you can't deny that life now is great
of course it is,just by ignoring hate
just hate isn't written in your fate
anger and hate are two sides of the same face
you know,you need to get your priorities straight
i'm broken,scarred and wounded,maybe it's too late
time heals everything;you're not late for anything
i'm sure except by that time it'll mean nothing
it's your insecurity that sees nothing
memories of scars still count for something
get over it,it's killing you within
i have already;won't let the mind games begin
it's not you but your ignorance,open your eyes to see the new beginning
when you jumped on the bandwagon of optimism,i was driving
what you say makes no sense;i think we should put an end to this
thats ok,i get it now,by the way, death sends you one last kiss.............
-Priyanka & Trisha

Fairytale by me!

i am not actually a good writer as i am more of a poet,but i still tried my hands in this field as well!i actually wrote this one for my new born baby bro(cousin) who is just 8months old!well being a 21st century kid i think he deserves a new n a different fairytale too,instead of the same old classics!
couldn't think of a title so i got inspired from narnia n named this-Florania! here's the story:-

The bright sunny rays danced their way in through the bedroom window and played on Henry’s nose, urging him to wake up, groaning he sat up-“oh not another boring day!”

Henry was a boy of 8, lean, tall, bespectacled. He was a bright young lad, not very athletic, not very daring, but really good at academics. What made him different from the boys of his age was his vivid imagination and is belief in magic and magical creatures. From a very young age, fairytale books that he used to read influenced Henry. According to him, elves, fairies, witches, gnomes etc were all for real, and as he believed, all these magical creatures used to live in a magical land far far away called Florania, hidden from the normal people. Henry used to paint pictures of Florania and used to dream of being there, enjoying with fairies and the elves.

Boys of his class would often tease him of believing in fairytales at the age of 8.

“Oh look! Here comes Henry the elf!”

“Where are your wings Henry?”

“Where are your big elfish ears?”

Every day they would tease him. There was just no way for Henry to make them see that Florania was there was real.

Even his own parents never believed him. They would just play along, nod their head and say,” that’s right dear. I am sure you’ll visit the cheesy moon and the castle in the clouds tonight in your dream. Off to bed now dear. You don’t want to keep the fairytale characters waiting.” And with this he was dismissed.

Henry could only wish that someday they would all know that he wasn’t just being childish but all that he said was there for true.

One day, when Henry was sitting at his place and drawing Florania, one of the bullies came up fro behind and snatched way the drawing.

“oooooh!!!!!! Look, this is where Henry really comes from. The weirdo land. And look the moon looks like a big ball of cheese, and the sky looks like a sea of milk. And look, there are dwarfs and elves too, and little fairies too. And there’s a king here, who is the king Henry? Who is the king of weirdo land?”

“I bet its Henry himself. The king of the weirdoes.”

The classroom bellowed with laughter. Somehow everyone always enjoyed it when Henry used to be bullied.

Well, Henry had had enough today. Everyday the same thing. He was through with being pushed around and called a weirdo.

“Give it back here, Drew” Henry ordered.

“Oh look! The king of the weirdoes can speak too. And he is ordering me. What will you do if I say NO”?

“Ya and we all know that you’re weird. You’re the only one who still believes in these childish stories. Magic is not for real and there is no magical land!” said another bully.

Some one from behind pushed Henry hard and said,” Grow up Henry, magic is for kids, and it’s not real!”

With this they tore his drawing into half and threw it into the dustbin.

Laughter still continued in the classroom till Henry couldn’t take it anymore.

“The magical world is there for real and I know that the magical creatures and the king is also for real. I am not a kid for believing in this. It is there and I know it.”

Just as he said this, the bell rang and school was over. This didn’t have any effect on them; it just made them laugh louder.

Sad and disappointed but still believing in his dreams, he went back home. At the time of dinner, he told his parents about the incident in school.

His mom said, “That’s very bad dear you shouldn’t listen to these boys, they are just bullies. It’s okay to dream and imagine.”

“Yes son, stay away from these bullies. Just ignore them.” Said his father.

Sensing that his parents didn’t believe him either, he just made his way to bed.

“If only I could make them see that Florania is fro real. If only I could be with them and see it, just like in my dreams.”

With a sad heart and a tear in his eye, Henry went to sleep, just wishing, for something magical to happen.

Tap tap tap!!!!!

Tap tap tap!!!!!!!!

“Wake up!”

“Wake up sir!”

Tap tap tap!!!!!!

“Huh, what’s going on?” Henry searched for his glasses and put them on to see who was disturbing him at this time of the night.

Sitting on top of him, was a small, tiny creature, with long ears and a pointy nose, smiling goofily at him. The creature wore a green frilly shirt, with red collars and green pants with red frills. The creature wore pointed little shoes, and he was about 3 inches tall. He was still tapping Henry on the nose.

“Are you an elf?” asked Henry with amazement.

“Why yes I am sir, I have come to take you with me” replied the elf.

“Is it a dream or did I hear you right? Did you say you’re here to take me? Take me where? And why?”

“Well sir!” explained the elf,” my name is sprout. You are not dreaming and I am here to take you to the magical world-Florania with me. The wicked witch has captured our king, king Patrick. We need your help to save the magic kingdom and our beloved king. Our wizard, Albert, when we asked for his help, asked me to go and get you as you’re the only one who can save the king.”

Bewildered Henry just asked,” why me? I am just a little boy. How can I fight the wicked witch? I don’t even have magical powers. And how will I go to Florania, I can’t even fly!”

“Oh dear sir! I am just here to take you with me. I can’t answer those questions, but wizard Albert can. And we are not flying there!” replied the elf with a goofy grin,” your going to travel by the magic dust!”

“The m-m-magic d-d-dust???” stammered Henry, scratching his head.

“Yes sir, just close your eyes and say ‘Florania’ when I count till 3”sprout took a little bag and poured some golden dust on his tiny hands.

“Now on the count of 3, close your eyes and say the words, 1…2…3”

Henry shut his eyes tight and the moment sprout said 3,in a clear voice he said “Florania!”

With a flash of light everywhere

Golden light up in the air,

Take me to the place I said

Until then I shall have no rest!

When Henry opened his eyes, he found himself standing on a road, with meadows on both sides and a big castle up ahead. The castle was beautiful. If only the black clouds would go away and the sun would shine brightly, then the place would have seemed enchanting. But somehow the atmosphere was very gloomy. It was the same place, which he dreamt about, but somehow things didn’t seem the same. In his dream, Florania was bright with the sun smiling at everyone, birds singing in the dancing trees, lovely fairies flying around chattering to themselves, rabbits hopping around on the field. There was happiness all around, with music in the air and the sweet smell of the colorful flower, who smiled at every passer by.

Unlike his dream, Florania seemed unusually quite. There was no music in the air. The birds were silently huddled up in there nests and the trees weren’t dancing anymore. There were no colorful flowers on the roadsides, the bright sun was gone and the black thundered clouds had taken his place, making even the morning seem like night. No one was outside his or her houses. All the windows were shut and the doors were locked tightly. Sadness and silence surrounded Florania from all sides.

“What happened here? Where is everyone?”

In a hushed tone Sprout replied,” no one comes out of there houses fearing the wicked witch. Ever since she captured King Patrick, everyone has become silent and sad. Florania was a happy place before the wicked witch attacked the castle. Everyone is waiting for you to save the king, as the wizard said, ‘only someone who truly believes in their imagination, will be worthy of Florania’s power and will rescue it from the clutches of the evil.”

“But how did this Albert person know that I am the right person?” inquired Henry.

“That sir, you’ll have to ask the wizard himself.”

“And how will I get to the wizard?” asked Henry.

“I’ll be taking you there!” proudly answered the elf, “we have to go into the heart of the magical woods. That’s where wizard Albert lives.” he pointed towards the deep dark woods while he spoke.

“So shall we proceed sir?” Sprout asked, looking up at Henry with his big round eyes.

Curious and seeking for some answers himself, Henry replied,” yes we shall!”

The magical woods were dark, and Henry could hear the trees whispering among themselves. There was something really spooky about these woods, thought Henry. Or maybe it’s just the silence.

Suddenly out of nowhere there was a shrill scream in the air, and a horse came barging towards them.

“Stop in the name of the king you no good clownish beast.” screamed the horse.

Sprout stepped in front of Henry and clicked his fingers. All of a sudden the horse froze in middle of the air.

“He is not a foe, Jacob, he is a friend. He is the one who will rescue our king.” Sprout said angrily.

With another click of Sprout’s fingers, the horse was released from his frozen position.

“Really?? So are you really going to fight the wicked witch? Yeee-haaa!!! Does this mean we’ll be free of her again? But aren’t you a bit too small for fighting such a bad witch all by yourself?” asked Jacob, the horse, enthusiastically.

“Let him meet Albert first. And you keep a watch, the gnomes and the goblins of the witch can be lurking around here.” Replied the elf haughtily, and prodded Henry to move on.

“That horse can talk? Who is he?” asked Henry in amazement.

Well every living creature can talk here my dear friend. And he guards the woods. His name is Jacob. He is bravest horse around.” he said proudly.” and the silliest too,” he added with a wink.

Henry laughed and looked back at the horse, which was waving at him with a smile. Florania is indeed magical and beautiful too. Henry thought with a smile.

After walking for what seemed like a long time into the woods, in a distance Henry could see a small door in a big apple tree with a red light on top of the entrance.

“Ah finally, our journey ends. That apple tree is the heart of the magical woods. The number of apple it has, are the number of trees, which the woods has. And that is where the mighty wizard Albert lives.” said Sprout and took Henry to the huge tree house.

As he entered inside, his nose was filled with strange aromas of different fragrances. It was a quaint little place, with lots of bottles of colored liquids, and had many huge old books. There was a tall, thin man standing over a cauldron, mixing something. He had long gray flowing hair and wore a long white robe.

When he saw Henry, he smiled and said,” I have been expecting you for a long time Henry. I hope you didn’t have any trouble on the way?”

“Uh! No not at all sir. But who are you and why have you brought me here? I can’t help you in anyway. I am just a boy and I don’t even have powers to fight the witch. Then why did you choose me?” blurted Henry out of anxiety.

“Sit down Henry; I see the long journey has indeed got to you. Take some rest and I’ll explain everything.” With this the wizard handed Henry a cup of steaming tea.

“I am Albert, the wizard of Florania. I am sure you know what happened here. Today when those big boys were bullying you, you never gave in to what they said. You stuck to what believed and protested too. That was very brave of u to still believe in your story even when everyone tells you that it’s not true. Because of your strong belief in magic, we chose you as the savior of Florania. As the prophecy goes,’ the one who truly believes in his dreams will be worthy enough for Florania’s magic and shall restore happiness from the hands of the evil.’ You, Henry, are the chosen one because you believe in your dreams. Faith of Florania rests in your hands. We are all counting on you.” The wizard ended with a pleading look and a weary smile.

“But how will I defeat the witch? What if she gets to me before I get to her? And where is King Patrick? How will I do all this alone?” questioned Henry.

“A witches strength lies in her wand. She has captured King Patrick and has locked him up in the dungeon. She has taken way his scepter living him weak and power less. You will find her wand in the center the black castle up on the dark hill, inside a small wooden box with a ‘W’ carved on it. When you get the wand, break it into half, which will kill the witch. But you have to be careful of the goblins and the gnomes who are on her side, they might be small but they are really mischievous and powerful. To fight the goblins just blow this powder at them” he handed Henry a bag of pink powder, “this will freeze them and leave them powerless, and to get rid of the gnomes’ just kick them and they will disappear.” He smiled and continued as he walked around his room, “you really have to be careful of the witch herself, because if she catches you, then she try everything she can to stop you. Keep silent and avoid attracting any attention. Free the king as soon as you can he will be of great help to you when he gets his scepter. But what is really important is that you break the witches’ wand as you and only you can destroy her.”

Nodding his head towards Sprout, he said, “Sprout will be with you for help as he will help you fight the gnomes and the goblins and Jacob will take you to the black castle on the dark hill. On your way you will meet Cynthia, who happens to be a dragon. Do not be afraid of her, as she is a friend. She will hand you a shield, which will protect you from the witch’s evil spells and will help you get inside the castle without being seen.”

All this while Henry was just sitting there and listening and staring at the wizard not believing what he just heard.

“Is there something bothering you Henry?” asked Albert, arranging some bottles on the lower shelf.

“Well yes. Everything is wrong. I just can’t believe that all this is happening to me. I am just a boy of 8 years old. I ca…”

“BELIEVE in yourself and your dreams Henry.” Cut in the wizard. Now he was facing Henry and looking at him with gleaming eyes.

“As long as you believe in your self, nothing can come in your way that will stop you. Victory will be you’re only if you believe in what you’re doing. You have more strength in you than you know. So trust yourself and your friends. Because the people of Florania trust you.” He ended with a broad friendly smile.

“So Henry, will you save your dream land and restore peace with your bravery and courage?” asked the wizard.

“Yes I will. I am ready to fight the witch.” Said Henry. Albert is right, this is my dreamland and I cannot let anyone destroy it. Thought Henry, I’ll kill the witch and make Florania a better place again. I BELIEVE IN ME.

With a brave smile Henry looked up at the wizard and said, “I won’t let you and Florania down. I promise.”

Jacob was waiting outside for Henry. Henry mounted Jacob and said loudly, “for Florania!!!”

The woods were filled with loud echoes as the trees repeated after him, “for Florania!”

With Sprout on his shoulders, Henry set out for the dark hill to face the witch.

On his way he met a huge fierce looking scarlet color dragon. Even though it looked fierce, it spoke in the gentlest voice Henry had ever heard, “I suppose you’re the brave Henry who will fight the dark witch. Your tales have become a legend in Florania, it’s so good to be of your service. I am Cynthia; from here you shall go with me. Take this shield and use it wisely.” She handed Henry a shinny silver shield, which had a big red ‘F’ carved on it. Henry understood that ‘F’ stood for Florania.

He sat on Cynthia’s back, with Sprout on his shoulders and took a good grip, so that he wouldn’t fall off.

“Only the worthy has been able to use the shield and the shield has obeyed to their commands, you are among them. We all depend on you.” Said Cynthia and with that she soared up into the sky and flew over the mountains.

The black castle was guarded by a 100metre magical wall, which surrounded it from all side. No one or thing could pass through it. Anyone who tried would die a terrible death. Cynthia flew right over it with Henry and Sprout.

Clutching on to the shield he looked over at the black castle. The place looked sinister. No trees around the castle, fences all over the place, nothing grew around it. The grounds around it looked barren.

The walls of the castle were all black. So that’s why this is called the black castle, everything seems so dead, thought Henry. Cynthia descended right in front of the open gates of the castle.

“I wish you all the luck. From here both of you are on your own. Be safe and win.” With this she took flight again and flew away beyond the magical walls.

Henry stepped inside the castle, his heart pounding in his chest.

“I have to believe in myself,” Henry said to himself.

I have to get to the center of the castle but which way should I take, there are so many doors. Henry looked around all confused, not knowing which way to take, staring at all the doors in front of him.

“Which one should I choose, Sprout?” he asked Sprout for help. “Which one of these will take me to the center of the castle?”

“Sir, if we keep going straight I am sure we’ll reach the porch where the wand lies. So I suggest you choose the one which is right in front of you.”

“Very well!” and Henry started moving towards the door right in front of him.

This door led him to a dark room. There was absolutely no light here.

“Oh god I cant see a thing. There is no chance of us moving forward in this darkness, I don’t even know where I am going. Sprout is there any way you can produce some light, which will show us the way?” Henry cried. He could hear his voice echoing.

“Very well sir but I need a strand of your hair. It will be of great help to me to produce light.” said the elf.

Henry pulled out a strand and gave it to Sprout. Sprout said some thing and clicked his fingers, and instantly that strand of hair turned into stick with fire on top. Instantly the room was filled with light and just then millions of bats came swarming towards them. It was a bat room. They were all attacking Henry and Sprout together at the same time.

Henry suddenly remembered his shield. And he lifted it towards them to guard himself and Sprout from there attack. Sprout said something and sent out a beam of red light from his fingers. All the bats froze in mid air and fell on the ground. They made there way through the door in front of them. As they opened the door, they found themselves surrounded with goblins and gnomes.

Apparently all the commotion back in the bat room had attracted the attention of the goblins and gnomes. There were millions of them. Henry remembered the powder, which Albert had given to him for fighting the goblins. All of them attacked at the same time. Henry took out the pink powder and sprinkled it at the goblins. Instantly they all fell dead on the floor. They had done away with the goblins. But the gnomes were still free at large. He looked around the room to see Sprout fighting the gnomes’ single handedly. Henry remembered what Albert had said. He started kicking all the gnomes. He freed Sprout and kicked his way to the final door.

As he opened the door, he found himself in the porch. He could see the wooden box. And the letter ‘W’ gleamed in the moonlight. Just as Henry started towards the box someone screamed and ordered him to stop.


The box was just a few feet away from him, Henry had to get to it but how can he possibly fight the witch and destroy her at the same time?

Sprout sensing his dilemma said, “Sir, I have magical powers. Use the shield to protect yourself and get to the wand. I’ll deal with the witch and keep her busy!”

“But I can’t leave you to fight her all by yourself! I just can’t.” said Henry.

“Sir Florania needs you. Do not worry about me. I can handle her. Just do it. Long live Florania.” With these he jumped off Henry’s shoulders and made his way to fight the witch. The war was on. The witch was very powerful and started casting evil spells at Henry and Sprout.

Henry blocked all the spells with the shield and made his way towards the box. Sprout on the other hand was fighting the witch bravely. He was sending out beams of red and yellow lights towards the witch. It didn’t harm the witch badly but it did keep her distracted.

Henry finally reached the wooden box; he kept the shield aside and opened it. The wand was there. He looked over at Sprout who was badly hurt but still fighting. He took the wand and snapped it into two. Blinding white light and ear splitting shrilled scream filled the air. The magical walls, which surrounded the castle started vanishing and after the white light was gone, nothing but mere ashes of the witch was left. Henry an over to Sprout who was lying on the floor badly hurt.

“It’s over now, Sprout! Florania is safe again. Here rest in my pocket till we get back to Albert. But before that lets free king Patrick.” said Henry looking at Sprout.

Sprout weakly smiled back and rested in Henry’s pocket. Henry found the keys to the dungeon and the scepter of the king in the potion room of the witch. He ran down to the dungeon and freed the weak king. King Patrick was really happy to see him.

Jacob came inside the castle and the king lay on hi all the way back to Florania’s real castle. Cynthia came to take Henry to the castle.

In honor of Sprout and Henry and king Patrick’s resuming the throne, there was a gala feast in Florania.

Everyone was there. Florania looked like its magical self again with the sun shining brightly and the birds singing and the trees dancing. The black clouds went away for ever taking with them the gloomy sad atmosphere. Happiness was restored in Florania thanks to Henry and Sprout.

At the feast, the king announced Henry, as the brave knight of Florania and his tales would be told to the new borns for years to come. Henry didn’t realize for how long he was at Florania. When he did he went back to wizard Albert to ask him, how he’ll get back home.

“Oh yes you should be going back now. I understand. But you can always visit Florania in your dreams.” Said the wizard taking some of the golden dust in his hands getting ready to send Henry back home.

“Will anyone ever believe me if I tell them what happened with me?” Henry asked Albert.

Albert smiled and replied, “Dear child, you are the chosen one. No one else would want to believe something, which they can’t see or they don’t know. Only you can since you believe in your dreams. Remember what I said, ‘believe in yourself and your dreams. Only then your dreams will come true.’ And with a smile he got ready with the golden dust. “Now you know what to do! And don’t worry you can always visit us in your dreams!” with this he handed Henry a miniature model of the castle of Florania with the word ‘Florania’ carved in gold below it.

“On the count of 3, 1…2…3” he blew the dust on Henry’s face as Henry said in a loud and clear voice, “home”.

“Henry dear wake up or you’ll be late for school. Hurry up now.” Henry could hear his mom asking him to wake up. He struggled to sit up, rubbed his eyes and sat still on his bed looking around at his room.

What happened last night? Was it all a dream or did it happen for really? Will I ever see Jacob, Sprout, Albert and more over Florania again? Thought Henry.

A little voice in his head said, “Believe in yourself and in your dreams!”

It was what Albert had told him before sending him back home.

Just then he realized he was holding something in his hand. When he opened his hand, he found that he was holding the miniature model of the castle of Florania with the name carved in gold.

“Henry are you awake yet. Hurry up you don’t want to miss the bus.” He heard his mom saying.

Clutching the miniature model in his hands Henry said to himself

“Some dreams really come true, as long as you believe in it and yourself.”

And with this, he placed the model on top of his bed so that he can see it all the time, and ran down to get his breakfast.

“Magic is not in spells and wands but it’s within you, in your heart!”

-Priyanka Dutt


this is a poem which i wrote on my friends!friendship means the world to me n my world is nothing without my friends!so its a lil token of thanks for my frnds,for being there for me when ever i needed them!

friendship is an eternal bliss,
you cannot escape it even if u wish,
its important in everyones life
as important as ice to a glass of wine
as important as a mother to a child!

a friend is the one who makes u smile,
in painful times when u wish to cry,
he adds a star,to ur joyful times!
he'll make u realize how special u r
when the whole world leaves u to sulk all night!

he brings light to ur darkest phases
and makes that occasion glow all bright,
when ur with them,everything is just so fine
without friends there's no thrill in life!

offend them n u'll surely cry
when without them u'll surely realize
that ur all smiles and gay
all happy outside
but look deep within ur hollow inside!

-Priyanka Dutt!

This is NOT me!

i guess you can understand how i was feeling when i was writing this after u read this poem!its more of a rap so some the place may not rhyme!

my dark life
is suddenly filled with light
everything that was wrong
now seems so right

is the world changing?
or is it just me?
things arnt the same
as they used to be!

smiling when theres no reason to smile
crying when theres no reason to cry
i ask myself-is this really right?
i ask myself-will life get bright?
things seem so changed
i just dont knw y!

this cant be love,
i have no right
to fall in love
when things are so fine

what you do to me
is wrong but it feels so RIGHT!
make it stop,i dont wanna cry!

wats wrong with me?-i ask myself
things seem to change,
my feelings are not the way they used to be,
what happened to the pledge
of not to fall in love,ever again!

my mind only fights but my heart denies
so i ask myself-what is wrong with me?
i ask almighty-whats happened to me?
i am lost totally,i have no clue
walking on the ground,thinking to myself
i have to go right but i walk on straight!

whats wrong with me?
this isnt how its supposed to be
i ask myself
but the answer is not with me!

i ask myself-is this true love?
being nice to everyone
cant get a grip on myself
whats wrong with me?
i think i'll crack!
i seem all changed,all smiles and grace
this is so not me
wheres that voice in my head?

and then suddenly,i hear something
someones answering me,but its not from my head
it says,i have really changed,
and this comes from my heart!
this is how things will be
life wont be the same
ur so in love,lil girl,
its time you grow up!

-Priyanka Dutt

untitled bengali poem!

well this might have many errors becoz i am not a bengali student so i dont knw bengali that well but i just felt like writing one night so i wrote this!this is my only bengali poem!


-Priyanka Dutt

Thinking about You

this is my very first poem!wrote it when i was very young!do post your comments!

From the time when my eyes closed,
i drifted away into a dream...
i could see somebody hand in hand with me,
i wonder who this person could be...
only if the dark shadow was removed,
i can see the handsome face
who has captured my every pace,
in life,in dreams,who has suddenly entered my life's race.
let me see,oh! god please!
let me me see my love,
do i know him,just give me a hint
i can't handle the suspense at all.
then at last, the shadow is off,
the face has cast a spell on me,
it's you, my love,the only one i think about,
the person,whom i want to be with.
but then,all of a sudden,
a strange noise struck.
and he went far away from me,
i woke up to find,it was just my alarm clock
and realized it was all only a dream.
but still, what a wonderful experience it was,
to be with the person i always think about,
to be with him in my dreams.
-Priyanka dutt

Struck by reality

i really feel like this about me!all wasted! thats y i wrote this!

What have I done with my life?

The answer is nothing so far

And why is that so?

Because all this while I thought I could survive

Until reality struck me, like lightening

And left its scar

Ignorant to the truth

Of not knowing anything

Never bothered to learn

Always felt there were better things

Now I realize, how wrong I was

A little extra knowledge is all I want

Just a little talent which I can flaunt

Don’t want to be the inferior one

Freak who is ignorant to the outside world

Now I aspire to be someone instead of a no-one

To fit in with all those talented people under the sun

Want to catch the train

That takes me from average and better to the best

Where I can do something for which

I’ll be remembered by everyone even after my death

But I guess I am too late

Missed that train for my ignorance

Who ever said ignorance was bliss

Must have been gifted handfuls by fate

Look where I am now

No talent no creativity

Just me and my inferiority

When everyone else was boarding the train to be somebody

I preferred to be away from reality

Let my mind wander away in the serenity

Not bothering what that will make me

Or where that will take me

Prepared a future full of insecurity

And now, here I am regretting,

Regretting every move I ever made

Created a past full of darkness

Empty and hollow

Nothing to generate encouragement

Giving away my proof of laziness

And all this thanks to my Ignorance!

-Priyanka Dutt



hi guys
this is pranks!
well i am not really a very good writer or a poet but what ever i am i would like to share it with u!by that i mean what ever i write!most of it might seem crap to you but well its just how i feel! my emotions are strong n when ever i get a chance i express it through my poems!
so i hope u guys will enjoy them, n if u dont well thats my bad luck!
but do post ur replies here!