Monday, September 17, 2007

Thinking about You

this is my very first poem!wrote it when i was very young!do post your comments!

From the time when my eyes closed,
i drifted away into a dream...
i could see somebody hand in hand with me,
i wonder who this person could be...
only if the dark shadow was removed,
i can see the handsome face
who has captured my every pace,
in life,in dreams,who has suddenly entered my life's race.
let me see,oh! god please!
let me me see my love,
do i know him,just give me a hint
i can't handle the suspense at all.
then at last, the shadow is off,
the face has cast a spell on me,
it's you, my love,the only one i think about,
the person,whom i want to be with.
but then,all of a sudden,
a strange noise struck.
and he went far away from me,
i woke up to find,it was just my alarm clock
and realized it was all only a dream.
but still, what a wonderful experience it was,
to be with the person i always think about,
to be with him in my dreams.
-Priyanka dutt

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