Monday, September 17, 2007


this is a poem which i wrote on my friends!friendship means the world to me n my world is nothing without my friends!so its a lil token of thanks for my frnds,for being there for me when ever i needed them!

friendship is an eternal bliss,
you cannot escape it even if u wish,
its important in everyones life
as important as ice to a glass of wine
as important as a mother to a child!

a friend is the one who makes u smile,
in painful times when u wish to cry,
he adds a star,to ur joyful times!
he'll make u realize how special u r
when the whole world leaves u to sulk all night!

he brings light to ur darkest phases
and makes that occasion glow all bright,
when ur with them,everything is just so fine
without friends there's no thrill in life!

offend them n u'll surely cry
when without them u'll surely realize
that ur all smiles and gay
all happy outside
but look deep within ur hollow inside!

-Priyanka Dutt!

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