Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally Found

a few days back i used to think i was really worthless,n untalented!till my best frnd knocked some sense back into my head n thanks to him i finally got to knw wat i am good at!so i wrote it down!here it goes:-

Underestimating my self was my biggest mistake

Forgetting my power which can make a change

Thinking so low of my self for others sake

Hiding my talent, never realizing what’s at stake

Never realized what I had in me

Looking for something frantically

Over looking what was in front of me

Like, searching for a tiny pearl in the big wide sea

It was there, but I had no clue of it

Others knew but never helped me out with it

Some gave signals and others, just a few hints

But I just remained unaware of it

But now I know that I was wrong

I see it now because my emotions are strong

Singing and dancing can be learnt if you want

But writing is something which is not done by all

It’s a power which can make a difference

It is a power which brings back sense

It is rare and not found in just everyone else

It is a power which is special and intense

Finally I found what I was looking for

Something which I can be really proud of

My vivid imagination has finally paid off

And now its time for others to know

What I am capable of!

-Priyanka Dutt


1 comment:

tina said...

Great stuff. Keep it up. Did'nt know there was this side to your talents. Future Nobel in lit?? Why not.