Thursday, July 28, 2011


In case all of you are wondering....yes there is truth behind this piece of work!

Do you look back

To that time

When we first met?

There we were 2 people

Lost in the crowd

Looking here and there

Till something clicked

And u were suddenly my friend

We spoke, we laughed

Our togetherness was the talk of the town

And with the changing colours of the seasons

Our bond grew stronger,

My trust for u grew,for a lot of reasons

I opened up,told u things

Things that I hadn’t even dealt with myself

You were my closest friend

But suddenly all of it came to an end

You really thought I’d never know

What u were actually doing behind my back

Haven’t you heard that what u reap is what u sow

I was hurt but thank god I know now what you lack

Thanks to u I am wiser now

A better judge of character

With a strong iron heart

Rise higher from the point where I fall

Did u really think I would let u get away with this after all?

I would have died for u,

Died rather than do what u did to me

But those times have changed now

And now u face my back

You’ll never be a part of my life again

Never again will u be called my friend

You broke my trust when I needed u the most

That mockery of feelings shall not be forgotten

I have learnt from what I have done back then

I will not be fooled again

Never will I trust u again

Not u or anyone else

This state of mind,this phase wont pass

Coz I have been betrayed by a Friend!

-Priyanka Dutt