Monday, August 18, 2008

A Game Called-Life

i know i know i took a really long time to write again but well better late than never!sorry about the delay!wasnt getting any strong emotion to write about!so here is my new work i hope u all like it! here is goes:-

Deep into the night I often wake up
To see the clouds pass by
As the world sleeps and dreams
I sit by my window and write

I see the waves rise in the ocean and then disappear
Just like my spirit which surfaces
And then drowns in tears
As the anger within remains silent for years

Now I see the moon coming out from its hiding
Filling the Dark streets with its light
Shining in its full glory
And then shying away again from everyone’s sight

The winter breeze, which now is my old friend
Is back again to Play with my hair, and give me company
As I sit here, enjoying the silence
Waiting for the long cold night to end

Wish I could fly away as well with these southern birds,
Start a new world of my own, where I can thrive
Yes I want to run far away
From this ugly mess called LIFE

But that will never happen no matter how much I try
I have a dream in my eyes,
A dream which I want to fulfill.
And no matter how hard things get
I know, for this dream to come true, I have to fight

Life is unfair, I know it is
Everything isn’t always right
Broken, destroyed, challenged again and again
Been tested by time in all its might

It’s like a never ending game for me
and I am determined never to give up and fall
My weakness turns into my strength
And my dream helps me to move on

-Priyanka Dutt