Friday, February 13, 2009


I’m haunted by a feeling
A feeling that doesn’t leave
It brings me pain & tears
Won’t go away, even if I plead

I sit alone and loose myself
Remembering all the times we spent
And my eyes swell up with tears till the brim
Knowing exactly why this is how I felt

Now I am getting closer to you
Than I ever thought,
The memories of happiness hurt more now
It pains more than the times we fought

Finally the time is here when we have to part
You have to leave and carry on
Meet new people and forget your past
But I don’t think I am ready yet, I can’t move on

I don’t want you to go
But I can’t even let it show
I can’t fight what I can’t see
Those memories still haunt me
I’m tired of hiding & pretending I am fine
But baby, I’m sore, I can’t fight this feeling anymore………

It hurts so much to see you
With someone other than me,
But your smile is like a pain relief
Your happiness is all that matters to me

It burns me up inside
When you say I should be with someone else,
It fills me up with silent rage
I am yours forever and I don’t want anyone else

Why can’t you see it?
Is it too hard to understand?
I’ll scream my lungs out and express myself
Will you still live in denial?

I don’t want your arms around someone else
But I know I can’t stop you
I know you’ll leave today or tomorrow
My love is not strong enough to stop you

Maybe you don’t care, but I do;
So much to smile and hide my feelings for you
And watch you walk away with your heart content
I’ll wince in pain, yet I won’t stop you

I’m in enough pain, my heart is broken
Shattered into tiny pieces
I’ve accepted my future with you no more
But let me cry today and ease myself
Coz baby I can’t fight these feelings anymore……..

-Priyanka Dutt