Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Change

with the changing times even i have changed, dont cry for me,dont expect the same! as i say my writing speaks for itself!heres another emotion from my heart!

Sitting by the window, with the radio playing on

A sweet lil girl sits there, lost in her thoughts

With a tear in her eyes and sorrow in her heart

Staring at the rain, lost in her thoughts

Times have changed, so has this lil girl

Once so bright and youthful, epitome of fun

But now she sits by the window with grief in her heart

Thinking of her past, of what’s been said and done

The once addictive smile, like the bright spring days

That used to be there forever on her face

The twinkling eyes with a hint of innocence

Portrayed so much such as simplicity, elegance and grace

But now that’s gone, it’s been replaced with pain

Promising to everyone never to return again

With pain in her heart, sweet lil girl, sits by the window

Lost in her thoughts quietly watches the rain

“I had everything once” she quietly speaks to herself

“A loving family, true love but now I am left with none”

And she silently cries on, trying to ease her pain

With tears in her eyes, staring out the window

Lost in her thoughts, with no words spoken or said

But she is strong, she doesn’t need them

She is alone and she believes in herself

Crying alone, the brave lil girl

With every tear increasing her strength

She smiles; she is not the weaker one

Now she is ready to accept the changing world

She stands up and wipes away her tears

With the changing times, she has also changed

She steps out, into the pouring rain

With the radio still on, no words spoken or said…..