Monday, September 17, 2007

This is NOT me!

i guess you can understand how i was feeling when i was writing this after u read this poem!its more of a rap so some the place may not rhyme!

my dark life
is suddenly filled with light
everything that was wrong
now seems so right

is the world changing?
or is it just me?
things arnt the same
as they used to be!

smiling when theres no reason to smile
crying when theres no reason to cry
i ask myself-is this really right?
i ask myself-will life get bright?
things seem so changed
i just dont knw y!

this cant be love,
i have no right
to fall in love
when things are so fine

what you do to me
is wrong but it feels so RIGHT!
make it stop,i dont wanna cry!

wats wrong with me?-i ask myself
things seem to change,
my feelings are not the way they used to be,
what happened to the pledge
of not to fall in love,ever again!

my mind only fights but my heart denies
so i ask myself-what is wrong with me?
i ask almighty-whats happened to me?
i am lost totally,i have no clue
walking on the ground,thinking to myself
i have to go right but i walk on straight!

whats wrong with me?
this isnt how its supposed to be
i ask myself
but the answer is not with me!

i ask myself-is this true love?
being nice to everyone
cant get a grip on myself
whats wrong with me?
i think i'll crack!
i seem all changed,all smiles and grace
this is so not me
wheres that voice in my head?

and then suddenly,i hear something
someones answering me,but its not from my head
it says,i have really changed,
and this comes from my heart!
this is how things will be
life wont be the same
ur so in love,lil girl,
its time you grow up!

-Priyanka Dutt

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