Monday, September 17, 2007

Struck by reality

i really feel like this about me!all wasted! thats y i wrote this!

What have I done with my life?

The answer is nothing so far

And why is that so?

Because all this while I thought I could survive

Until reality struck me, like lightening

And left its scar

Ignorant to the truth

Of not knowing anything

Never bothered to learn

Always felt there were better things

Now I realize, how wrong I was

A little extra knowledge is all I want

Just a little talent which I can flaunt

Don’t want to be the inferior one

Freak who is ignorant to the outside world

Now I aspire to be someone instead of a no-one

To fit in with all those talented people under the sun

Want to catch the train

That takes me from average and better to the best

Where I can do something for which

I’ll be remembered by everyone even after my death

But I guess I am too late

Missed that train for my ignorance

Who ever said ignorance was bliss

Must have been gifted handfuls by fate

Look where I am now

No talent no creativity

Just me and my inferiority

When everyone else was boarding the train to be somebody

I preferred to be away from reality

Let my mind wander away in the serenity

Not bothering what that will make me

Or where that will take me

Prepared a future full of insecurity

And now, here I am regretting,

Regretting every move I ever made

Created a past full of darkness

Empty and hollow

Nothing to generate encouragement

Giving away my proof of laziness

And all this thanks to my Ignorance!

-Priyanka Dutt


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