Monday, September 17, 2007

Poem of the Escapees

this is a poem which a classmate of mine n i have written!her name is trisha(she is also a writer n a better one!also a bit negative but good!)so we have written alternately!i start with from the first line n then the second line is hers n then mine n so on.........basically its more like a conversation between positive side n negative side!me positive,n trisha negative!enjoy!

life just goes on this way
but death is going to come anyway
dreams are turning into reality
and reality is something i hold close to me

love surrounds me from all the sides
so why do i feel so lonely on the inside
i found peace in the path i took
and still i turn back to give you one last look
things aren't that bad,the way you say
but they are still not great,like i really care
beauty lies everywhere i look
hatred isn't something i can overlook
right takes over all the wrong you did
the might of the sword and the gun blow off the lid
but i hope you know there's day day after night
there's no peace,no truce and still i fight
darkness isn't everywhere;it just exists in your head
and in iraq and bengal,remember the things i said
but you can't deny that life now is great
of course it is,just by ignoring hate
just hate isn't written in your fate
anger and hate are two sides of the same face
you know,you need to get your priorities straight
i'm broken,scarred and wounded,maybe it's too late
time heals everything;you're not late for anything
i'm sure except by that time it'll mean nothing
it's your insecurity that sees nothing
memories of scars still count for something
get over it,it's killing you within
i have already;won't let the mind games begin
it's not you but your ignorance,open your eyes to see the new beginning
when you jumped on the bandwagon of optimism,i was driving
what you say makes no sense;i think we should put an end to this
thats ok,i get it now,by the way, death sends you one last kiss.............
-Priyanka & Trisha

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