Sunday, January 27, 2008

Broken Heart

well my writing speaks from itself!

Don’t cry when I am gone,

You pushed me away yourself;

Don’t cry like a kid,

Have to go and find myself

You made a promise

Which you couldn’t keep,

Broke my heart into pieces

And now you say you weep

Trust is very precious

It doesn’t come easily, you have to earn it

And if you break it,

All you get is endless misery

I had warned you before,

My heart is fragile;

Thought you understood me

Never knew you were so senile.

Look what you did to me,

Told you not to play with my temper;

But you never paid attention,

And you had to test my anger.

Now you regret your actions,

But words once spoken, cannot be taken back;

My heart is now broken,

And I am never coming back!

-Priyanka Dutt (27.1.08)

1 comment:

EyE$taR said...

rily amazin..!!
Wonder wt made u write dis in d 1st place, bt den again i suppose it speaks 4 itself..!!!
Gr8 goin gurl...keep up d good wrk & tel me wen u post a new 1..!!