Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Way Back into Love

I have been lonely for so long
Ever since I learnt what’s right from wrong
Sitting here, writing this song
Trying to find a way to move on

I have been waiting for the stars to shine
Waiting for someone to come and say “you’re mine”
Hoping the moon would shed some light
And help me through the night

I need someone for inspiration
Need to get rid of this confusion
I am looking for a direction
You can give me your suggestions

I’ve hidden my dreams away
Wonder whether I’ll ever need them someday
I’ve been telling myself, I’m fine
All this while, searching for some kind of a sign

But now I know what I have to do
Yes, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
If I open myself to you, will you help me start over again?
And promise to be with me till the end?

I want to start fresh and new
With no one else but you
All I need to make it through is your love
So help me find a way back into love…!!
-Priyanka Dutt


Vinayak said...

Very nicely and simply written!!...good to see u back after something strange had happened to u!!....once again....probably one of ur best poems...!

pretty said...

heyy prankyy gud goin..

nyc poem gal..

dint knw bout dis hidden talent in u..


ARITRA said...

bap ke bap
tumi to puro kobi goru prankynath
pari na pari na.......

saurabh said...

was searching for posts about how others had expressed their loneliness & urs was 1 of the hits...
well written,have written one too but with a different perspective-non romantic ie

Pranky said...

saurabh i read ur piece,i cant agree more with u!if u r all alone in a coffee shop,nothing can make u feel that lonely!good one