Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is not the End

Driving through the country side with you, on a winter day,

I sit quite, staring out the window,

Everything is speeding by,

All I do is let out a sigh….

We haven’t spoken since we left, there is so much I need to say,

A lot needs to be sorted out;

You let it linger, things are getting colder here between us,

All I want to do is stop the car and talk things out….

The world is slowing down for me,

I need to get this out of me;

You know it too but you choose to oversee,

And drive on, not knowing this silence is killing me….

I thought we’d be together longer

We were both sure this was getting stronger;

Everything was fine, then what suddenly went wrong?

Why do I feel your hand is slipping away through my fingers?

You keep asking me to wait and hold on

That’s all I have been doing for so long, trying not to break down and cry

I’m tired of waiting now, and carry on like nothing’s wrong

Pretending I am fine, when I clearly see the sun is setting in your eyes

People say something’s are best left unsaid,

But everyone is just messing with my head;

I asked you in the 1st place to choose n decide wisely,

But I guess this was all in our destiny…

You told me you loved me ,

Then why are u leaving me?

Letting things slip away like this,

Not even trying to save this, letting it go so easily….

How long will I do this on my own?

I need you to work with me;

Isn’t it evident after all that we have been through…..

That I need you, and you need me?

This frustration, your negligence

The irritation, all the disagreements

Coming between us along with your coldness

Creating barriers and turning things into fragments

Have I not done enough?

Or do you want more?

Is it still wrong of me to expect something out of you in return?

Come on, end this pain, I’m tired and sore….

Open your eyes,

I know we can make this work;

A lil more effort is all I ask,

It’s time for both of us to make some amends,

Coz I refuse to accept that this is the end…..

I need your help

I repeat my words again and again;

You mean the world to me,

This is not something that I expect,

Once more just help me connect…..

-Priyanka Dutt


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